September 12, 2013

Jute Rope Wrapped Ikea Lamps DIY

Almost every idea I have for my home is opposed by my husband when I first mention it. It's not that he isn't a nice guy; it's just in his blood. Jared (along with his dad, and probably his brothers) just doesn't care for change. In fact, Ivy has started to repeat things he says, like "Mommy, how come you always want to change everything?" 

However, once I actually go ahead and bring the idea to life, he almost always loves it too. Except . . .

 . . . these yellow lamps. He hated them to begin with and I realized he always will. And even I had to agree that they were probably a bit too "modern industrial" for our house (although I love that look in other people's spaces). Also, they kind of disappeared against the wall, drawing too much attention the shades themselves. I looked around for other lamps and couldn't bring myself to spend the money, so I decided I'd try to work with them.

I'd seen several DIY rope lamps around and thought that could be a good option. Most of them are a solid frame with jute rope or twine glued around them, but I saw a few from retailers that clearly started out with a wire frame similar to my lamps.

Bimini pendant from Anthropologie
Mini jute pendant from Horchow

Rope wrapped lamp base from Target

I got two packages of jute rope from Hobby Lobby for about $3 each.

I snuck a wooden block from my kids and used that to wrap the rope around in segments. Every time I started or ended a piece of rope, I just tied it so the knot was facing the inside of the lamp.

I'm not gonna lie. This was teeeedious. It took a lot longer than I expected, but luckily, it was easy and pretty mindless. Just make sure you have something to entertain you or you will suffer certain death--okay, boredom, but that might actually be worse.

I alternated whether the rope was over or under the frame in a few parts, as you can see in the pictures. I think this helped break it up a little and was more interesting than all one way.

Here's the shot of both lamps before:

And now:

Verdict: Jared doesn't hate them anymore. I'm still not sure he loves them, but he hasn't complained since I did this, so that's progress. It was nice to only spend about $6 to completely make over two lamps that were only $25 each in the first place, including the shades.

Do you prefer the before or after? (If the answer is neither, that's okay too). And I realize that most people would style the space between the lamps with accessories, but I guess that's where my desire for minimalism comes in. I'm constantly trying to balance style with practicality, and I try not to have too much of anything, especially if it isn't useful.


  1. I think they look great. I liked them before, but I like them a lot more with with the Jute Rope. It was a good call to fill in the negative space because it gives it more solidity. Nice work, Lisa!

  2. Those look awesome. I'm impressed you spent the time to do that. It adds a lot more balance to the lamps.

  3. I LOVE them! Really. I do. And honestly, I'm with Jared on this one. I didn't really care for the before, but I love the after. Lovely idea.

  4. IncreĆ­ble que puede hacer un poco de dinero y unas horas!!

  5. They are WAY better with the jute. Seriously. I bet you'd pay a lot more for that size lamp if you bought one already wrapped. Great job. Much more natural and fitting.


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