July 17, 2013

Turning Bar Stools into Cute Kid-Sized Stools

Bar stool image found here

After searching for a while for some cute/cheap child-sized chairs without much luck, I decided to try my own thing. I saw these old ugly bar stools for sale locally for $5 each, so I snatched up two of them, even though they were mismatched and wobbly.

 I bought the two in back. (Seller's ad picture)
First, I took some wood glue and put it under the legs that were wobbly and tightened the screws. Then I borrowed a jigsaw from my neighbor (also my super cool and talented blogger friend Mable). I was too excited to get to work that I forgot to take my own pictures before slicing off the legs with a jigsaw, so here they are after that happened:

After cutting off the legs, I sanded them well to make the new shorter legs level and to take off any splinters. Then I primed with Zinsser and painted them with my black Rustoleum enamel left over from this project. I didn't even bother to paint the tops since they'd be covered.

Next, I cut two circles out of foam and glued them to the tops of the stools. As you can see, the edge of the foam is jagged, but it doesn't really matter.

Batting went over the padding next and was stapled underneath.

I used this black and white spotted fabric (only 2 yards left from fabric.com, FYI). I only spent $3 for half a yard. I really like the cotton velvet texture. It kind of feels like a soft fur. I folded it under before stapling so it wouldn't shed or fray. Yes, the staples show if you look under the stool, but they're so low to the ground that it doesn't bother me.

When upholstering something round, you have to make a lot of pleats for the fabric to curve around. You can see them here from the top view. As long as they're spaced in regular intervals, they look fine and intentional.

I bought some $10 Ikea Lack tables to go on each side of the sofa in our office/music room and the stools fit perfectly there.

It makes a nice art table on one side . . .

I had to include this one just for Maren's cute bedhead.
. . . and a computer table on the other side. This iMac is now about seven years old, which is about 90 in computer years, so it's become a good one for the kids to learn on.

This room is kind of the man-cave in the house. There's much less color in here than the rest, but I still have plans to make it cooler (but only in ways Jared approves of, since this room is his domain).

It would look much better if we actually had three instruments hanging up, but it's just the bass at the moment.

And here they are in Ivy's closet, just for fun.

Well, there you go! Super easy and cheap.

Stools: $5 each
Fabric: $3 for half a yard (each stool used about a quarter)
Paint: (I used hardly any so I don't know the exact cost)
Foam and batting: (once again, hardly any)

I'll assume they were about $8 each. The kids love them!


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