April 30, 2013

Gallery Wall for the Girls' Room

I decided it was time to change out the cute-but-babyish wall decor in the girls' room for something a little more imaginative and artistic. Like most kids, Ivy loves animals, books, fairy tales, and pictures of herself, so that's what we went with.

I'm sure there are millions of tutorials and methods for doing a gallery wall, but this is my method. It works and it's easy, so I thought I'd share it:

Step 1: Arrange frames on the floor until you get something you like. Take a picture. It doesn't matter whether or not they already have pictures in them because you'll add those digitally.

I had a whole bunch of mismatched frames, but I kind of like that look, so it didn't bother me. Every single one of these was given to me, most of them by my mother-in-law, so I worked with what I had. Also, I got lucky by not having to buy any! I did, however, have to buy glass and backing for them.

After looking around for a while at the glass and backing kits, I had the brilliant (to me) thought of going to Dollar Tree and buying a bunch of cheap plastic frames just to use the glass and backing. I spent about $9 for seven 8x10 frames and two 5x7s. I even ended up using two of the frames. I also already had all the matboard, so that didn't cost me anything extra.
Step 2: Take the picture into Photoshop (or other editing program) and use Transform>Skew on the image so the frames appear straight. It will be harder to place the images naturally if you don't do this, but it's not completely essential. This is the same photograph as the one above, after skewing.
Step 3: Add pictures to the image in Photoshop to see which placement you like best. I ended up adding a few things to the upper right corner once it was on the wall because it seemed unbalanced. I switched up a few frames in the hanging process as well.
Start with hanging one large or central image first, then add to the wall one at a time, using your Photoshopped picture as a reference to frame spacing.

I painted the picture of the owl when I was in high school and used to really liked to draw and paint animals. I also did the colorful cat on the green paper in high school. They've been tucked away in a portfolio in a closet for years, along with a bunch of other old art of mine, so I pretty much forgot I had them until now.

I like to step back after each picture is hung to analyze where the next should go. There aren't any rules at this point. Just go for it!

I used images from Vintage Printable again, along with other free public domain images from Old Book Art. I found some of the other ones by searching for Edmund Dulac, Warwick Goble, and Beatrix Potter, some of my favorite children's books illustrators.

I purchased the cute little baby deer and duckling from Shutterstock because I got a packaged deal, making them pretty much free, but I was inspired by these oh so adorable baby animal photographs and prints.

I put a few pictures of my kids into the mix, naturally. I also put up a little plate my grandma got me in England when I was a kid. It too, has been in a box for years, so I decided I needed to use it or get rid of it, because I hate just storing things forever.

Ivy and Maren were ridiculously excited, which is always the best part about projects like this. What do you think? Does she look happy?

P.S. Thanks to all the generous people who gave me the frames, having access to free printing, and using my old art, I spent under $10 on this whole gallery wall!

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