March 5, 2013

Painted Peacock Pillow

Sometimes, I just get so antsy to change something that I grab an old pillow cover and acrylic paint, and without much planning at all, make myself something new. I saw this Urban Outfitters tapestry (on a blog I love called Swoon Worthy), but it was only sold on the UK site, and now it's not sold at all. And I liked it. So I used it as inspiration, okay fine, I copied it.

Urban Outfitters
I used a navy blue pillow cover I've had for several years and just regular old acrylic paint. If I had planned, I would have used fabric paint or at least added a fabric medium to my paint, but no big deal, it worked well enough.

Also, I made a gif slideshow of the progress. Because who hasn't always wanted to make a gif? Or is that just me?

The pillow is currently residing on the French chair I made over. It goes with the other colors in my living room, but the darker background adds some contrast. It's a quick and easy project--paint your own pillow today!


  1. I'm so impressed!! And thank you for the mention - I wish I had picked up that tapestry throw when it was out, it's so pretty but you've done an amazing job of recreating it!! I love the gif too. I so need to do one of those lol Happy weekend! xxx

    1. Thanks Kimberly! I'm glad you posted that tapestry. Your blog inspires me!


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