July 31, 2012

French Chair Upholstery

Like I said, I'm kind of in project mode now. I saw this French Louis (or bergere) chair for sale nearby for only $20, so how could I resist?

Except it looked like this first, with a broken leg and all. It took a bit of work to fix the previous hack repair job, but it seems good and sturdy now.

In progress . . .

I was inspired by Jenny's posts from Little Green Notebook to do a chair like this. Having done several other upholstery jobs, I wondered how one like this was done (the piping, specifically). The trick: strong glue. I used Magna-tac, the same one she recommended, and it worked great.

I used a simple natural linen to make it versatile since I didn't know where it would go yet. I love bright colors and patterns, but I figured my house has a lot of that right now.

This was pretty quick, too. I got the chair Monday night and finished by Saturday. That may not sound fast, but when all you've got is nap time to work, it's not so bad.

The only problem is that I don't really know where to put it. I intended to use it at a desk, but it's a little bigger than I expected so it's not ideal. I was debating selling it. I only put $40 into it, so I could make a good profit, but I'd like to keep it. What would you do?


  1. I would give it to me for a birthday present.

  2. Beautiful chair. Would be great in a guest room. The dresser looks like so much work! I admire you eye for detail. :-)

  3. You do amazing work doll! WOW!!! My friend Shelly Leer (http://www.modhomeec.com) would love to see your work!


  4. I own this chair and have been meaning to reupolster and paint it! Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. I have a very similar chair and would love to have more details on how you did this!


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