February 29, 2012

Living Room Progress

This is by no means a finished room reveal. I'm happy with some of the things I've done, others I'm not sure about, and some things are still completely unfinished. Most of all, I just want some input and ideas. Please?

Do you prefer the red pillow?
Blue pillow?
Or no pillow in the middle? 
Does the couch placement seem awkward?

Do you like this painting? Or should I do something more original? If I decide to keep it, I would probably hang it on the wall next to the red chair.

I need to hang something on this wall. One large thing or a few things?
 What types of kid-friendly accessories could I put here?
 Jared thinks I should hem the curtains shorter. What do you think?

 How do I get my child to watch less Dora?

I would LOVE some opinions!

Curtains: Waverly Parterre fabric. Like this, but cotton instead of polyester.
Pillow on red chair: Braemore Conservatory fabric with teal microsuede piping.
Turquoise pillows: Waverly Lenox fabric. Like this, but a different color. Back: teal microsuede.
Suzani pillows: Richloom Cornwall Garden with red cotton piping.
Red pillow/blue pillow: I attached white ribbon to cotton broadcloth. Inspired by Caitlin Wilson.
Console: I made it in woodshop in high school. Jared recently sanded it down for me because I didn't like the stain.
Yellow chair & ottoman: Given to us by family, upholstered by me.
Red chair & couch: Ikea


  1. I like the "no pillow" option, followed by the red pillow, and finally the blue. That is my order of pillow opinions. I like the painting. I think the curtains are fine. I have no idea about Dora. And, I am not sure how I feel about the couch. Having it sideways seems to make your room look more spacious, but I don't think I'd like it going in to the space between rooms, myself.

  2. Just so you know, I don't have very good decorating skills. You should probably be giving me advice on what I should do in MY house! With that said, I like the red pillow, I think it ties into the red in the other pillows and is a good compliment to the blue pillows and couch. I really like that painting, and it suits you because you are artsy and it seems to fit the general feel of the room. I would go with a few things on the wall next to the yellow chair. The only kid-friendly stuff I can think of to put in the cupboard is books. I like the length of the curtains and good luck with DORA! At least it's a decent show. Oh, and, I would love a sourdough starter, I forgot to mention that in your last post.

  3. Ok first, your flipping amazing, so you really have a win, win already! But to help with thoughts. Red or no pillow. But LOVE the red. Couch seems less of a focal point in that position. It's too cute to be on the side I think. Curtains, definitely look better as is than shorter. A stack of really different or old Children's books on table, or any of their favorite books covered in your favorite fabrics, etc. Picture is too beautiful to not be hanging by the red chair. Last, since your other wall already has a cluster of smaller pictures, a large one would suit that wall we and look spectacular next to your beatifully done chair! There! Do you feel I've said too much? Oh well, that was fun! Remember though, whatever YOU decide, it will be marvelous!

  4. I do love the red pillow in the center because of the red chair opposite. I really like the Swiss feeling of the area.
    I would hem the curtains since the rest of the room has a tailored, casual look. I would also put your couch back where it was but pull the furniture together more for a intimate gathering space. I definitely don't like the couch where it is---there is no focal point for the room. Sisters get to be blunt about that stuff.

  5. I love the pillows. I think you need a rug to ground everything. I think you should move the couch to the wall with the yellow chair and the yellow chair where the couch is to open up the space. Just my opinion. I love the colors you are using. They look great. Good Job.

  6. I like the red pillow, I guess I would have to see the whole wall but the pictures seem to be in a weird spot. I don't think it would be wrong to center them over the couch. The painting is okay, I would not do the gold frame. But I am not a painting kind-of-gal... unless it means something to you. I LOVE your chair and ottoman and the curtains look fabulous! I wouldn't hem them... they would be too short. My hubby said the same thing about ours... must be a man thing! Great job! Seems like it is coming together nicely!

  7. I love your style - everything looks really cute:)


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