February 7, 2012

Bookshelf to Bookbench Transformation

I love Ikea hacks. There are so many simple cheap pieces of furniture that are perfect for transforming into something unique. I had a small white Billy bookshelf that I wanted to put in Ivy's room, but I really didn't want her climbing it, pulling the shelves out, or tipping it over.

I thought if I could just turn it on its side, it would be perfect. But there was the problem with it being asymmetrical that bugged me.

So, I went to Home Depot and got some pieces of moulding. Then I glued them on with wood glue and clamps. I glued the shelves in so they wouldn't tip over or get pulled out. I also put wood putty in the peg holes for the shelves.

Then I painted the moulding pieces.

It needed something more in order to really look like a reading bench. When I bought the fabric for the crib bedding I made, I bought some extra of this pink suzani print. I had just the right amount left for a cushion (just under a yard).

I used some Walmart foam, put a zipper in the back so it's removable, sewed some velcro to the bottom and hot-glued some to the bench so it would stay put. (Update: the hot glue didn't hold to the laminate finish, so I put some white upholstery tacks into the velcro to hold it down. NOW it doesn't move)

We love reading together. Books are some of Ivy's absolute favorite things. I like that the books are accessible, which means she can go grab one to read any time, but safe. It's also a fun place for her to sit and look out the window.


  1. That is the cutest book self/bench I've ever seen!! You did an amazing job!
    I am so excited you're blogging more! :)

  2. This is simply amazing. You are amazing. Well done, it's beautiful!

  3. You're so talented! I really love your sense of style. Maybe I'll get brave one of these days and do a DIY project like this one...maybe! Haha.

  4. is this strong enough to sit on?

    1. Yes, definitely, especially with the shelves glued in and adding support. The bench doesn't bend at all.


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