June 28, 2012

Blog Designs, etc.

I got the chance to redesign an inspiring blog called Good Things Happened.

The blog author, Lynn, was SO nice to work with and her blog is all about finding the beautiful things to be grateful about in everyday life. She definitely finds something to smile about each day.

I also did some social networking icons for Mare Ball at the blog Adventures in the Ballpark. She, too, is a positive blogger with all sorts of lovely things to say.

Check 'em both out!

I'll be back soon, I swear. :)

June 8, 2012

Ivy's 3 for 3

My joyful almond-eyed girl turned three last month.

We had a simple birthday party at home. She was ecstatic when Jared came in the door with a "bikesable" just for her. She still needs a little practice with pedaling, but she's doing better than I expected.

A few days after her birthday, Ivy and I sat down for breakfast together and had the following conversation:

Me: "Ivy, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Ivy: "Hey, that's like The Bunny Book!"

Me: "That's right, it is. But do you know what you want to be?"

Ivy: "Hmm, let me fink."

(A few moments pass while she looks up at the ceiling with her hand on her chin.)

Ivy: "I want to be a soccer man!"

Me: "Really? I didn't know you wanted to play soccer."

Ivy: "Uh huh! 'Cept I not in the TV."

(Apparently she thinks soccer men only exist on TV.)

Me: "Well, you can play soccer even if you're not in the TV."

Ivy: "Okay. Let's do that!"

Me: "What else do you want to be?"

(More thinking.)

Ivy: "An animal rescuer. Like Diego and like you."

Me: "That's a good thing to be. Did you know you can rescue animals even when you're a kid? I rescued animals when I was little."

Ivy: "Yeah. Kid Mommy saves cats, robins, and lambs."

Me: "Is there anything else you want to be when you grow up?"

Ivy: "How 'bout I be a makin' lady?"

Me: (thinking . . . a Jamaican lady? Huh?) "What does a makin' lady do?"

Ivy: "She cuts apples and carrots and puts all the food together. Like Daddy watches on the TV."

Me: "Ohh. A making lady makes food?"

Ivy: "Uh huh. . . . Mommy, thank you for talking about when I grow up."

Yep, that's right. My daughter wants to be a soccer man, an animal rescuer, and a making lady when she grows up. Sounds like a good plan to me. I wish I had my life figured out as well as she does.

And now, here's Ivy doing what Ivy does best:

Sleeping (except she doesn't do this well enough)
Words can't express my love for her, so I won't waste my time trying right now. Have a good weekend!
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