January 20, 2012

Happy Sisters and a Lack of Tantrums

How I love my two sweet girls. It's such fun to watch them together. Maren gives big gummy smiles to Ivy, and Ivy gets so excited about it every time.
Amazingly, this week has been tantrum-free so far for Ivy. It probably won't last because she is one super emotional child right now, but for the moment, I am definitely appreciating it. I think my ears are especially having a good time because anyone who's ever heard Ivy scream will tell you how LOUD she is. But, for the past few days--nice, quiet sweetness. Maren's gotten to a less fussy stage too. She seems to like hanging out on the floor more than she used to. And now Ivy does too, which is fine, as long as she's not trying to hug (squish) Maren.
Another thing I'm happy about is that Ivy seems to be completely potty trained. I've been hesitant to say that though, because I'm afraid she'll have a setback as soon as I don't expect it. She wants to do every part of going potty by herself, including turning on the light and sanitizing her hands. She's only had one accident in the past two weeks. I taught a lesson in church that Ivy sat in on and as soon as I ended it, she loudly declared, "Ivy need to go poop!" Does that make her officially potty trained?

January 17, 2012

Dining Area Upholstery

My sister Michelle and her family just moved to Wisconsin. And we're missing them so much already. But that's another post. Before she left, she had a huge whirlwind remodeling and fixing up her home project. She was crazy busy. So, even though I was 8 months pregnant at the time, I decided to lend what skills I could in order to help her get through the madness (four kids + husband already moved + complete house remodel + 1 month = absolute and most definite madness). I didn't help nearly as much as her sister-in-law Sam, who painted and sometimes repainted every wall in the house and more, but I'm just not quite that selfless.

Michelle had some chairs that had some pretty dirty/ugly upholstery. She also had a breakfast nook that her husband Ty built, but although Ty is a fantastic carpenter, he isn't so much of an upholsterer, so the fabric was looking a little sad. Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pictures. Since this was a rushed project, I had to just go to the store and choose some fabric, hoping she'd like it well enough. I chose Richloom Solarium Cirque in Spring and Waverly Evening Scroll in Stone. Both were 50% off, so it wasn't too bad, considering I had to buy about 8 yards total.
I spent about 5 hours doing the four chairs, including removing staples and taking off the old fabric, which is the least fun part of reupholstering. These chairs were the easiest upholstery project I've done so far.
The next day I came back and spent about 8 hours on the bench. I had sore hands from the staple gun and pretty much an entirely sore body from sitting on the floor with a great big belly, but I was determined to get it done. No matter what.
And I did.
But then, of course, Michelle had to move. I hope the new owners of the house are enjoying the blood, sweat, and tears of the pregnant woman who gave them a lovely new dining bench.
At least Michelle got to take the chairs.

P.S. If you go to Michelle's blog, check out the Monty Python inspired header (designed by me).

January 14, 2012

2011 in 10 Minutes

Here's a little review of the past year . . .

January 5, 2012

Maren Flora Campbell

2 hours old
1 day old
4 days old
With the family
With her biggest fan
Sleep smiling 
Waking up
Sleeping again
Bundled up
Blurry but it makes me happy
Enormous eyes
First smile on camera
With Jared in the wrap
Getting cuter every day

January 4, 2012

2 1/2 Years Old

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy.
She's not at her easiest stage right now, let me tell you. As I write this, she's saying yelling no because I told her she can't watch TV until she goes potty. But then, to prove that she's nice too, she says, "Hold me, Mommy" and then climbs onto my lap all sweet-like. She's a constant contradiction, pure sweetness one moment and then filled with hell's fury the next. One thing that is always great, though, is how good she is to her new baby sister. 2 1/2 is not the calmest time, at least at our house, but I do love her. Oh, and she finally has hair!
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