July 29, 2012

Hollywood Regency Buffet Transformation

It seems I'm back in home project mode again. I go in and out of being interested in it, but when I am, I'm itching for furniture makeovers and changes around me.

Here's a buffet/hutch/dresser/credenza/whatever-you-call-it that I painted recently:

I found it on KSL Classifieds and was able to buy it and have it delivered for only $125. It's an old, very heavy, solid hardwood piece from Japan. I don't know how old it actually is, but it has that definite old Hollywood Regency vibe about it, which I loved.

The greek key pulls pretty much sold me on it, though. When I told the girl I was buying it from that I loved them, she seemed a little surprised. I could tell she wasn't crazy about it. Nor was Jared, by the way. When he saw it, he looked at me pitiably and said, "I'm sorry, but I hate it. What did you see in this?"

Well, let me tell you. For practical reasons, we really needed a place to put away the toys that inevitably end up in our living room. For looks, I loved the shape of it: the turned in legs, the shape on the doors, the hardware. But I wasn't in love with the color. It could have been pretty for someone else's house, but the wood didn't fit into mine.

First, I painted it black. (At this point, Jared said he actually liked it a lot and that I should leave it, but I wanted to go through with my vision.)

I took off the hardware and scrubbed it (hard) with Barkeeper's Friend to get off all the grime and shiny brass finish. It ended up being more of a brushed light brass, which I liked much better.

I taped it off, but let me tell you, painter's tape does NOT stick to oil-based paint very well. Does everyone know that? Well, I didn't. I used Rustoleum's oil-based high gloss paint, which is supposed to be more durable than latex. Anyway, that led to a lot of touch-ups with a very small paint brush, which was kind of a pain.

But after all the work (and after the oil paint smell finally faded), I'm happy with it!

P.S. I created a Pinterest board for ideas before I painted this. I was debating between mint green or black/white, but Jared vetoed the green, which is probably a good thing.


  1. What an awesome piece of furniture! And that's a pretty great price too! Well done. And happy husbands are always a bonus. ;)

  2. You did a great job. I love the black and white.

  3. What a fabulous piece this turned out to be! I love the black with white accents and yes, the handles are GORGEOUS! xxx


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