May 8, 2012

Weekend at Bear Lake

We were lucky to be invited by my sister-in-law Mindy to her friend Myrick's cabin at Bear Lake for the weekend. The weather was a little cold, but still beautiful.

Can you resist this smile?
View from the cabin

Ivy fell face first into the stream moments after the picture was taken. Jared forgot to take a picture of her covered in mud. Too bad.
These bikes take waaay more energy than they should for four adults--still fun though.
Just another unsuccessful attempt at a family picture

Thank you so much Mindy and Myrick! We really loved it and hope you invite us again. :)


  1. If you really were at bear lake, why do you look super imposed in the pic of you wearing the baby sling?
    Haha, well hope you had a nice time . . . does booger wiping become more or less challenging at high altitudes?

  2. Beautiful place, beautiful scenery and beautiful family!

  3. I love the pictures of Maren! Her smile is the best.

  4. Picturesque view. Love the lake. The surroundings is peaceful too. And the baby's smile is too hard to resist.

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  5. I am passing on a Beautiful Blogger award. Please accept if you feel so inclined. I have to leave a link to my post regarding the award. The problem is I am not sure if this is the link I am supposed to use! Let me know if it doesn't work!

  6. Or maybe it is this one. Yikes!! I need techie help!


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