April 21, 2012

Sign Scrabble

*Warning: This blog post is rated PG-13 for bathroom, sexual, and ridiculous humor.*

If you haven't learned this about me by now, it's time you know: I'm a little crazy and I find humor in the unconventional. My whole family fits this description, really. We have something of a tradition in my family of playing "Sign Scrabble." It's pretty easy. You just find one of those signs with moveable letters; then you change it to your liking. Now, remember, since we only have the limited availability of the letters on each sign (because we don't believe in stealing), the results are often questionable. You'll see what I mean.

We've got pictures of some, but not all, unfortunately. But I solemnly swear they are all true. To avoid being the victim of strange google searches, the text will be shown as images. And to avoid incriminating anyone (is it a crime?), I won't say who actually changed each one.

Sonic is an easy target:
Don't you wish all fast food joints were so honest in their ad campaigns?


Just spreading public awareness.

"Now hiring days" + other words becomes
When the Atkins diet was all the rage.

"Free smiles" + other words becomes

Something about "cleaning large queen mattresses" becomes

Fast food restaurant:
Why is it such a trend to bash the French? And admitting animal abuse. Not cool.

Many places:
 They make it too easy with Santa around Christmas time.

 Pirate O's:

A Harry Potter theme night:
Yes, spelled wrong. You've gotta work with what you have.



"We celebrate dancing" becomes:

Yeah, for some reason Satan is a favorite.

They left this one up for about a week. It must have helped business.

Again, I bet it helped business.

Fat Cats Bowling:
This one is legendary in Provo.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Spoons 'n Spice"

Christian Bookstore:
Satan again.

 Arctic Circle:
Apparently the employees at Arctic Circle don't know what sub-par means because it remained like that for weeks.

Street fruit vendor:

. . . Because they never stop us from having fun.

What's your favorite? Or do you hate them all? Share your opinion!


  1. This made me think of the Spoons and Spice sign we would change. I still remember them attempting to scare us off by saying they had surveillance cameras. Such Spectacular Times. The daycare sign was a fun one too. I'm so glad I had a loving friend that was willing to teach this game to me.

  2. There are a lot of great ones here but I think the funniest is the all day special at Sonic. :) Oh, and don't forget "No Asians for a year" at Frontier Pies in Sandy.

  3. So, so funny! You and your family are brave to change these signs up, I think I would be too afraid!


  4. I loved every one of them! How wonderful to grow up in a family with such a good sense of humour!

  5. You guys are too funny! I'm not sure how my family would have fared!

  6. I was laughing so hard my husband had to come see what I was doing, haha! They just kept getting better and better as I kept reading. I'm so doing this. Hilarious!


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