April 20, 2012

Recife, Brazil

Jared served his LDS mission in the beautiful city of Recife, Brazil about 12 years ago. He was lucky enough to go back a few years later to visit. 

2004 Vacation

I love the atmosphere and energy of this one.

The beautiful Nany Felipe and her cute son

Recife LDS temple

Jared in Porto de Galinhas (Chicken Port)

Jared's Mission

My favorite (the picture and the guy)

A Beatles hat and a monkey . . . what more could a guy want?

Looks like an Instagram filter, but it's just good old-fashioned film.

Look how skinny he was! A little malnourished, perhaps?

I want to go. Doesn't it look like fun?


  1. So cool! Love your pictures. My husband served a mission in El Salvador, Brazil :)

  2. Oh wow he looks so different haha ♥ I almost didn't recognize him. And Brazil looks amazing, so yes it sounds very fun!!

  3. Love the chicken! I wish we had some of those around town ;)
    This pictures are wonderful, Brazil looks beautiful!


  4. Saudades deste tempo muitas saudades mesmo.

  5. I miss Brazil. We'll go there together someday. Just as a followup to some of your photo captions:

    Nany and her husband just got married about a week ago.
    Her son Vinicius (pictured) was just baptized.

    Yes, I was the skinniest I've ever been in my adulthood. I think I weighed around 140 lbs at the time. I got sick once or twice, but that's really no different than how much I get sick now. Maybe I was malnourished, or maybe it was just the intense heat and humidity and walking for 10 plus hours every day, or maybe it was just that the food there is more natural and they have their largest meal at lunch. Probably all of the above. One thing is sure, I won't likely be that skinny ever again (nor do I hope to be).

    The woman in the photo of the blue kitchen (I think she was trying to avoid the camera but instead got caught looking looking a little creepy) is Graça. She was a great friend to the missionaries. We spent a lot of time teaching her friends.

    The photo looking down on the street at the police cars was of a shooting incident outside our apartment. I don't think anyone actually got hurt, but this was in my first area and I was new to the country and language and culture. At the time I thought it was pretty exciting.

    The second to last photo is of me standing on a bridge with the Recife Temple construction in the background. It was an exciting time to be a missionary.

    1. Thanks, Jared. I guess I should have found out these details before I posted, huh?


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