April 4, 2012

Graphic Design

I always seem to be undecided when it comes to knowing what I want to do most. I think I was set on at least ten different majors in college before I settled on one. But, if I look at my past and my life as a whole, one thing I am sure of is that I've always loved art and design. When I have a design project going on, it calls me, begs me, and simply forces me to get it done because I find it so appealing. And let's face it, the only kind of work you're bound to get done as a stay-at-home mom is work that you really want to do. I don't have much of a portfolio yet or anything, but here's some recent design work I've done:

Jamie and Nick's wedding invitation. Cutest couple ever, right?

Jamie's wedding site

Ashley's blog

Michelle's blog (just the header is mine; the rest of the blog is her work)

I love doing blog design. I like that I'm using my art interests, plus learning a few coding technicalities along the way. If you want a new blog header, background, or any help designing your blog, I'd love to help. So let me know if you're interested. Blog design, invitations, photo books, photo editing, I love it all.

These four are page spreads from a book I designed and printed for Jamie as a Christmas present. I put it together using her pictures and journals from a summer she spent on the island of St. Thomas in the Caribbean.

(These last pictures below are not my work.)

By Jared Campbell

Jared is a professional graphic designer and he just launched his first website that he developed and coded by himself. This Listen image is one of my favorite pieces of art/design that he's done. He's a musician (bass and guitar mostly) and he actually went to a music store and took a photograph of every instrument himself. Don't you love it?

By Megan & Houston

While I'm on the subject of design, I can't resist posting this picture of the most original baby announcement I've ever received. It's by my friends Megan & Houston who are both artists living the dream in New York City. Megan happens to be one of my best friends ever and an amazingly talented artist and I think Atticus is one of the best names from literature.

P.S. I previously posted pictures of my oil paintings and a book I illustrated.


  1. Everyone comments on how much they love my monty python header. I love Jamie's announcements, and Jared's Listen design is amazing.

  2. I am DYING over that wedding invite :) AMAZING!

  3. You are mega talented. I'm so happy I thought to have you re-do my blog. I'm so much more motivated now :)!

  4. I love this post. Artistic people of all kinds inspire and amaze me. I wish I had your talents. I'd love for you to do something with the header on my blog but I am so new to the blogosphere I don't even know what to ask for! By the way I LOVE that your friends called their child Atticus. Atticus Finch is one of my favourite characters EVER. In fact, one of my future desires with my blog is to have a section called "What would Atticus do?". If your friends have a daughter will she be Calpurnia?!

    1. We could figure something out for your header. Welcome to the blogosphere, by the way. It's a fun place to be. Atticus Finch IS one of the best characters ever. I totally agree.

  5. Thanks again for doing the invite Lisa! I love it.

  6. you where so lucky and find found what is your passion that is arts and design. Some people didn't even recognize what's the best for them, that sometimes lead them in the wrong path. I guess, the best thing to determine what is your talent and the best for you is when you feel good about what your doing and happiness is in your heart. printing hervey bay

  7. Your recent designs are smashing for a beginner. You do have a spot to become a good graphic designer because you know how to play with colors and design. A few more practice will take you the next level. Anyway, how are you doing now? I’ve bookmarked your site because I want to see more of your work. I was fascinated by one of your blog post – painted peacock pillow. Have a nice day!
    Darryl Tay


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