April 14, 2012

The Day We Got Married

Since I didn't have a blog and wasn't on Facebook when we got married in December 2006, most of our family and friends have never even seen our wedding pictures. So, check 'em out.

These next four are actually from my bridal session. I've never printed or posted any of these because I kind of think bridals are lame. I totally would have done the whole bridal/groomal thing if I had known anything about weddings at the time.

And last, but not least, here are some of the wonderful people who were with us that day:

My favorite series of photos from the day. Nicole beat out every little girl in the room for that bouquet. Haha, I love it!

P.S. On another M related note, I don't have the mole above my lip anymore. After one too many times of Ivy trying to pull it off my face, I got it removed. Jared still tells me he misses it, but I don't


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    What a beautiful bride too!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a fairy tale wedding.

  3. Beautiful pictures...and yes, the perfect fit for 'M' :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!


  4. I love this post! Your photos are perfect, and so are the kids! So glad I stopped by, and thanks for sharing.

    If you've the chance, pop by my blog. I'm the award winnin autho of the Bella and Britt series for kids.


  5. Beautiful photos Lisa! What made you decide to wear boots on your wedding day?!! (I am seeing that right I think?!)

    1. Hmm, why did I wear boots? I could give you a practical reason, like that it was December and I was prepared for snow. But in reality, I guess I'm just weird like that. My wedding was otherwise very traditional in style, but I would do it pretty differently now--wouldn't we all though?

  6. What a gorgeous wedding, and the photos are so beautiful. I was married at the courthouse, but one day we might have the real deal. Thanks for the smiles!

  7. Lisa! You look STUNNING in your bridal pictures!! What a baaaaabe ;) Love all of your wedding pictures. Your boots are the best!

  8. THANKS for sharing the photos. I Love the boots. When I get married I want to do something like that. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my spot.


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