March 30, 2012

Why I Blog

A few months ago, I was trying to decide whether I wanted to bother with blogging. I had never been very good at it after all. Being consistent seemed impossible. Hardly anyone was reading it. I felt like I didn't have anything interesting to write about. So what was the point?

I decided I couldn't discover what the point was if I never gave it an honest effort. Posting 5 times a year? You can't call that blogging. So this year I decided I'd try—really try—to just be consistent. I'm still not sure of what exactly I'm aiming for, but I have hope that I'll ultimately be glad I did it.

Here are a few reasons I blog:

1. I love reading other people's blogs. Do you have a blog? I'd love to read it if I don't already. I follow a whole bunch of blogs, as you can see on my profile, plus others I don't officially follow, but check in on now and then. I use an RSS feed app on my iPad called Feeddler that makes it super easy to see what's going on in my blog world. You know how you have the things you check every day? Facebook, Twitter, email, whatever? It's just one of those routines, and one of my favorites. A Facebook status leaves you wanting more (or not wanting more, as the case may be), but a blog post is more satisfying and can really help you get to know someone better.

2. I suspect that there are a few people (and I love you) who actually care about me and my life. I like to share with you, and this is the way I prefer to do it. And, even if it's not being read, it's encouraging me to keep a journal that probably wouldn't happen otherwise.

3. I have an opinion and I like to express it. Keep in mind I'm usually home with small children. I don't get in a whole lot of socializing these days.

4. I like to create and I want feedback. I love to see what other people come up with, but it's also a lot of fun to show off your work and have people say they love it, right? Maybe this is taboo to admit, but come on, I know you agree.

5. When I blog, I feel more organized. I can't always accomplish putting makeup on or making dinner in a day, but if I can write something I always feel more in control of my life. Instead of getting less done, I actually get more done. After I hit that "Publish" button, I'm suddenly more energized and I want to check the next thing off my to-do list.

6. Technology makes it so easy. I am hardly ever on the computer, but between my phone and iPad, I have a lot of chances to write. When I'm lying down feeding Maren before her nap, like right now, I have something to occupy my mind. When the kids are happy playing without my intervention, I can sit there on the couch comfortably and just write while still feeling involved with my children.

. . . And many more reasons. Money would be a nice one, but that's not my specific goal since I don't see my blog as the money-making type.

To sum it up, it makes life better.

I love this quote about blogging:

"Places on the web for sharing content and ideas often remind me of real life interactions. Facebook is the everlasting high school reunion. Twitter, which I love, is maybe half cocktail party, half party-line. Flickr & Instagram can be the best way to send a postcard, while LinkedIn is the best way to send a fax. To me, there's something sacred about reading a blog post on someone else's site. It's like visiting a friend's house for a quick meal 'round the breakfast table. It's personal—you're in their space, and the environment is uniquely suited for idea exchange and uninterrupted conversation. In many ways, we should be treating our blogs like our breakfast tables. Be welcoming & gracious when you host, and kind & respectful when visiting." 
-Trent Walton

Now do you see why I keep encouraging everyone else to blog?
Come on. You know who you are. {Michelle, Ashley, Jared, Heather, Kristin, Steph, Jen, Jamie, Vie, YOU}

Now go and write a blog post.

P.S. The Live on fire image at the top was actually burned and photographed by Jared.
100% real.


  1. yes, yes, YES! I love blogging! It's the best way to keep in touch with people (STILL mad/sad that we moved) and I love documenting our life! I can't wait to print my blog into a book!
    I'm so glad you decided to blog and have stuck with it :)

  2. I always read your blog. But keep posting links on facebook to remind me that it's there.

  3. Wow. That was inspiring. I started a cake blog almost two years ago and haven't touched it in a year. You make me want to blog again. And that quote was a perfect summary of social stuff on the internet. Cuz even though I haven't seen you in a couple of years, I feel like I get to catch up with you and quickly too. Love it.

    ps this is Cindy. You cut my hair and saw my dad's buffalo.


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