March 13, 2012

The Solid Food Challenge

I know Maren's not quite ready for solids, but I'm starting to think about the daunting endeavor of getting a baby to like new foods.

Ivy wasn't a very good eater until she was about a year old. Until then, she got nearly all her calories from breast milk. I started feeding her solids when she was six months old. We learned very quickly that canned baby food was a no-go. She really hated it. I pretty much gave her mashed bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, and other sweet-ish types of food. Cereals and most vegetables were always rejected.

I've got a few things now that I didn't have when I first started feeding Ivy, like this baby puree recipe book and these little containers for freezing food. Maybe they'll help me out.

I'm hoping, of course, that Maren will take to solids better than Ivy did at first, but if not, I need some advice. Moms, what did you do to make introducing solids easier and more successful? Also, when did you start? I know you've got an opinion, so please share!

We tried out the highchair for the first time today


  1. Wow who knew babies could be so picky?! Haha... I am pretty sure my mom just gave my sisters and I anything and we ate it. Even mushrooms which I don't understand because I hate mushrooms now. :p Good luck Lisa!! Maren's looking so cute with her big eyes :) And thanks for visiting my blog ♥

  2. I started Cora at 5 months but she really only very recently started to actually like the food :). Before the last week or so it was more just practice, and really messy too! Now she's doing great and eating a solid food meal twice a day. So far I'm just buying organic baby food in little plastic containers that are single ingredient, but soon I want to start making her food. I'll have to get that book!


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