March 15, 2012

New Hair

I cut off about 14 or more inches of hair yesterday.

I feel ultra lame posting these, but I was messing around in Photo Booth trying to get a decent picture, so whatever. Here they are, although they're more weird than good.

I hope I'm one of those old ladies who goes white instead of gray.

I posted this before/after picture to Facebook. I have to say, I'm super surprised at how sweet everyone was in their praise. Either I just have a lot of ridiculously nice friends (which is true), or other people probably like my haircut even more than I do.

I promised myself I would cut my hair short after baby number two because I just hated the way my hair looked for so long after it fell out after having Ivy. And now it's done. When I pass a mirror, I'm very surprised and not entirely convinced I like what I see. But, either way, it's fun and it feels good. Oh, also, I'll be dying it today or tomorrow a darker, warmer shade of brown.

P.S. I went to Mark at Shatter Salon in Draper. He was great (which is REALLY something coming from  someone who has only liked my own haircuts for the past 7-8 years). The last time I tried going to a hairstylist a few years ago, I left the salon looking like I just came out of Small Town, Utah. I ended up going home and chopping off about four inches to save the haircut and my dignity. Plus, Mark told me I looked like Natalie Portman when he was done cutting my hair. Who doesn't want to hear that?

P.P.S. Jared didn't think he'd like it this short. Turns out he does.


  1. Seriously... its stunning on you! Promise the hairstylist in me will be honest with you :) it will definitely take you a couple weeks to adjust to this haircut. I chopped 15 inches off after Eric and I got married and it took me a month to not be self conscious about it anymore. And mine was a bob. So there's definitely that adjustment period. But seriously... you are one sexy mama ;)

  2. it looks super cute lisa! i wish i was brave enough... and had the right face for it. your little girls are darling by the way! hope you are doing well!

  3. it is very cute! . . . i think it'd be even cuter with some caramel highlights to make it more youthful

  4. I just read from your current blog backwards and this was the last one my reader program downloaded. WOW!! The new haircut really accentuates your it!


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