March 5, 2012

Maren's Blessing Day

Our sweet little Maren received her baby blessing yesterday at church. She is four months old now and as cute as ever. She is very, very loved.

We had a great time with our family and friends afterwards. Everyone brought excellent food. The only part I didn't like was when they all went home. I never get tired of hanging out with the people I love. (Although I'm quite sure they get tired of me.)

Some of my adorable nieces & one handsome nephew
My sister Jamie is getting married next month.
My baby brother is all grown up!

Marci & Cody
Oh, and foot-in-mouth moment of the day? Cause I always have those, so there just had to be one. My friend Marci mentioned that she didn't get any pumpkin cookies. I told her, "Oh, these ginger ones are better anyway. They're homemade. The pumpkin ones aren't." Marci didn't say much. Then later, I saw that Marci was leaving with a plate and I asked her what she had brought because I hadn't noticed in the bustle of things. "The pumpkin cookies." Oops.

Sorry, Marci. For the record, I love those cookies. And I swear I'm not a homemade food snob, despite how it may appear.  I bought sandwiches from Kneaders, after all. And most of all, I just love to talk with you, whether you bake your own cookies or not.

Thanks so much to everyone who came. And a special thanks to my sister-in-law Ashley for the cute pictures!


  1. I wish I could have been there! Maren looks so beautiful (and so do you). Thanks for blogging it.
    For Marci: I love the store-bought pumpkin cookies ;o)

  2. Ashley got some great pictures of you guys! Btw, I don't ever get tired of hanging out with my sisterhead.


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