March 18, 2012

The 9 Lives of Cocoa the Wonder Dog

My uncle, Stan Ricks, used to have a dog that he loved more than just about anything. After his beloved dog died, he wrote a story about the life (or I guess I should say lives) of the little cocker spaniel. He paid someone to illustrate the book, but didn't feel like the illustrations were right for the story. Luckily for me, he gave me the job next. Not only did this contribute to my college education fund, which was oh so necessary at that time, but it gave me an experience that I never would have accomplished without someone else pressuring me to get it done.

A little over 5 years ago, he printed a few hundred copies of the book to give to friends and relatives as a gift. And now, with the simplicity of ebooks, I've decided to make an iPad version to release in iBooks. We're hoping to get it out soon. It will be in the $3 range, I'm thinking. I'm not expecting to make much money or anything, but what's the harm in releasing it when it doesn't cost us a thing?

When I started illustrating this book, I had never touched watercolor. It wasn't my favorite medium to work with. I'm much more into the rich, bold, malleable material of oil paint. But, I think the lighter, less serious look of watercolor suits the source material.

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