February 14, 2012

Why I Love My Husband

Valentine's Day marks the anniversary of our first date. It's been seven years now. Over time, I've discovered more and more to love about Jared. Here are some of the things I love most, in no particular order:

-He has never given me any reason to doubt that he completely loves me. Pretty much from the time we met, I haven't questioned his sincerity. In fact, the whole two years we dated (not exclusively), he only went on two dates--and both were set up by someone else. Once he met me, he knew he wanted to be with me. That gives me an incredible sense of security.

-He is good, kind, and forgiving. Of all traits that matter to me, being truly good is at the top of my list. And Jared is truly good. He doesn't hate anybody and he doesn't like to gossip. He just naturally wants to do what he believes is right. He always forgives. I can't say he gets over things as quickly as I do (mostly because I get over things almost too quickly), but he probably forgives more completely than I do.

-He is extraordinarily patient. I know he would never react in anger and do anything he regrets. He was very patient with me when we were dating and I didn't know what I wanted. He gave me the time to just figure it out and decide without pressure. I know that his patience is what allowed our relationship to work out. If he had pressured me into marriage before I was ready, or given up on waiting for me, I don't think I would have married him at all.

-He is consistent and dependable. This is very important for me because I tend to be consistently inconsistent. My Grandma Ricks, who died last autumn, always called him "the Rock of Gibraltar," telling me how lucky I was that I found someone who was so stable and would surely be there forever. Everything in the world could change, but Jared would still be reliable. He works hard, gets up early, exercises every day, and fulfills his responsibility. I, on the other hand, hate getting up early, have pretty much given up on exercising, and can be a bit flaky, unfortunately. See how much I need him?

-He is smart, but even more importantly, he is wise. Jared is always developing new skills and abilities, and I appreciate that. But it's his seemingly infallible wisdom that I so admire. Since we were dating, I've always said that Jared and I agree on almost all the important things, and if we disagree, he's the one who's probably right. I still think it. There are issues I sometimes struggle with, but Jared always seems to have something wise to say to help me know what's right.

-He keeps everything clean. I don't just mean that he doesn't make messes. One of Jared's many reliable traits is that you cannot leave him alone in the house for an hour without coming home to a spotless, sanitized, dusted, vacuumed, bed made, dishes done, laundry folded home. It's kind of like magic, actually. Sometimes I think he should be the stay-at-home parent; I don't have his cleaning stamina. Along with this trait comes perfect hygiene. I've never even smelled body odor on Jared in the seven years I've known him. Basically, he defies all man stereotypes.

-I have a good time with him. From the first time we met, our personalities clicked. We talked about everything and had great conversations. We still have valuable meaningful conversations (when we manage to get the kids to bed before we're dead tired, at least). He makes me laugh, and I love the way he appears to get great satisfaction from getting a good laugh out of me. He laughs at me too, which helped win me over on our first date. He treats me like I'm smart, and he doesn't think he has to be smarter than me. When we were dating and I went out with other guys, I went straight to him afterwards because the other dates were just never as fun as being with him.

-He really believes what he professes to believe. As members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our beliefs are very important to us. I don't wonder if Jared believes because he always lives in accordance to his beliefs. Being married to someone who doesn't share these beliefs would seriously impact my happiness. I plan on being with him forever, so I'm indescribably grateful that he wants this too.

-He is a wonderful father. Ivy adores him and looks forward excitedly to the moment he gets home each day. As I said before, he is patient, patient, patient. I can't think of a more helpful trait when it comes to parenting. He doesn't care if we have all girls. He loves them to pieces and wishes he could be with them all the time.

Can I possibly complain?
Thank you, Jared!


  1. Now this is what I call good reading. Thanks Lisa. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you!

  2. Sweetest post ever! You two are adorrrrable.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. What a wonderful man. You are very lucky to have found someone so patient and good hearted. It's great to know that they do exist.

    I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading your stories. You are an exceptional writer.


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