February 20, 2012

My Life in Pictures

Photos from the last month or so:

Dress-up at my Aunt Connie's house.

Two girls having fun. Or at least one of them was.

Trying out the Bumbo my sister Michelle mailed all the way from Wisconsin.

Just cute

Ivy's toy lineup. Yes, Pez Yoda is always included.

"Why so serious?"
Ivy reminds me of a certain villain from a recent movie
whenever she eats jam on toast.

I found this recorder in our car and had to ask why.
Jared replied that he planned on practicing it while he drove to work.
So if you see a man playing a recorder while driving, it's my husband.

Getting bundled up to brave the cold.

Maren's smiles keep getting better.

Here's another.

And another.

1 comment:

  1. I love that your blogging more! Makes me feel like I never left Eagle Mountain (sorta) because I know what's going on up there :)
    Your husband is hilarious! I love that he is going to practice the recorder while driving. Guess that's a good way to unwind from work ;)


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