January 20, 2012

Happy Sisters and a Lack of Tantrums

How I love my two sweet girls. It's such fun to watch them together. Maren gives big gummy smiles to Ivy, and Ivy gets so excited about it every time.
Amazingly, this week has been tantrum-free so far for Ivy. It probably won't last because she is one super emotional child right now, but for the moment, I am definitely appreciating it. I think my ears are especially having a good time because anyone who's ever heard Ivy scream will tell you how LOUD she is. But, for the past few days--nice, quiet sweetness. Maren's gotten to a less fussy stage too. She seems to like hanging out on the floor more than she used to. And now Ivy does too, which is fine, as long as she's not trying to hug (squish) Maren.
Another thing I'm happy about is that Ivy seems to be completely potty trained. I've been hesitant to say that though, because I'm afraid she'll have a setback as soon as I don't expect it. She wants to do every part of going potty by herself, including turning on the light and sanitizing her hands. She's only had one accident in the past two weeks. I taught a lesson in church that Ivy sat in on and as soon as I ended it, she loudly declared, "Ivy need to go poop!" Does that make her officially potty trained?

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