June 21, 2011

Halfway There

I assume everyone who knows me knows that I'm pregnant. If not, sorry. And now, finally, I'm at the wonderful point in pregnancy where I'm actually glad to be pregnant instead of wallowing in the misery of nausea 24/7. It was a hard time. I didn't care about anything but the next time I could sleep. Then, about three weeks ago, the clouds parted and I felt the motivation to live again. The only thing I managed to keep up on before that, besides taking care of Ivy, was keeping our finances in order. Jared did just about everything else, poor guy. It wore us both out. A lot.

But anyway, I'm having another girl, which we're quite happy about. I had my big ultrasound last week and she appears to be perfectly healthy. Amazing, isn't it, when you barely eat for four months? My due date is October 31, but if my last pregnancy was any indication, she'll be born sometime in November. Ahh, can I just say again how happy I am to be happy again?

I know all ultrasound pictures look the same, but here are a few anyway:
Above: 15 weeks, when we found out she was a girl
At 20 weeks, when we found out she looks healthy
P.S. My mom was the sickest pregnant woman I've ever seen, so, as a kid, when I heard her tell people she had morning sickness, I imagined it spelled "mourning" because it looked so incredibly miserable and it definitely didn't only happen in the morning. I'm so grateful that I don't have it as bad as her.

June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ivy!

We celebrated Ivy's second birthday last month. It was a pretty good time, if you ask me. Ivy loved it, anyway, and that's what matters most.

This was Ivy's face as we sang "Happy Birthday"

Because it just didn't look like the cold rainy weather was going to let up, we decided to keep it indoors. We planned on going to Incredible Pizza, but when we got there, it was called Planet Play. Still basically the same place, but it threw me off for a minute. I was afraid Ivy would be disappointed with being indoors. Not. At. All. She pretty much ran around for the entire party and couldn't have been happier. In fact, she was a little disappointed at first when we made her stop for a minute to eat cake and ice cream.

Ivy's store-bought, home-decorated cake

Our wonderful family came to celebrate with us. When each person arrived, Ivy became more and more thrilled. She yelled out the names of those she could say (especially for her new baby cousin) when they walked in the room. She was surprisingly gracious for a two year old.

In my obviously biased opinion, Ivy has become the sweetest child imaginable. Okay, so she throws lots of tantrums and has some attitude, but most of the time? Wonderful.

She loves, loves, loves people, which is, to me, her most important quality. She remembers everybody she meets and gets excited when she sees them again. She makes people feel wanted, and I just hope she does that forever.

Although she's a tiny one (just hit 22 pounds), she's a good eater most of the time. She loves steel cut oats with honey and can eat a whole lot of it in one meal. She loves toast with jam, peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, grapes, and chicken. Unlike most kids, she doesn't care for macaroni and cheese or any kind of pasta, really. But like most kids, getting her to eat green veggies is a challenge.

Nutella drunk
She's not a big talker yet. She's always saying more words, especially at home, but she's pretty shy about talking in front of other people. She's totally blown me away by learning all her letters, upper- and lowercase, on her own initiative. I didn't even think about trying to teach it to her yet, but she loves reading books and is just as interested in the letters as the pictures. A few months ago, she started pointing to letters and asking us to tell her what it is. So, we did, and within no time she was pointing out all the B's, then the O's, then the S's, then the I's (and always saying "I, dot!" for the lowercase i), and then I lost track because she just knew so many. She can't pronounce the names of all the letters, but she can identify all of them when asked. Since she doesn't say L, she just says "Mommy" because she knows L is for Lisa. When we drive, she points out letters on trucks and billboards. I'm probably a little too impressed, but mothers are allowed to be.

Say "cheese"

She has her own sign language and is very expressive. She mimes out everything, makes the appropriate sounds, and moves her body in whatever way it takes to explain what she's trying to say. Since I'm with her all the time and I kind of get to see life through her eyes, I usually understand what she's saying. If she makes a monkey sound and jumps, she's telling us about the trampoline place we went where there was an inflatable monkey. If she squishes her cheeks hard, she's telling us about the time her cousin squished her baby sister's cheeks and got in trouble. When we talk about eggs, she acts out throwing an egg on the floor because of the time she dropped an egg at her aunt's house that was supposed to be hard-boiled, but definitely wasn't. When she sees pictures of Jesus, she taps her chest and pokes her hands and says "Ow, ow, ow" thanks to the BYU Carl Bloch exhibit. Oh, and one of my favorites is the way she grabs her stomach and says "baby, ow!" when her stomach hurts or is too full. She learned that one from me.

Demonstrating what happens when you squish a baby's cheeks

Her favorite movie is Ponyo ("Monyo," according to her) and she wants to watch it everyday. Or more, but we try not to give in. She loves talking about the mommies and daddies in it, and she gets really worried when the kids are alone for a while without parents. She still likes Sesame Street, but she's starting to prefer other shows. I think she's craving real stories now, and I don't blame her. I've always been very excited to share the stories with my children that I loved as a kid. And now I can start.

She always wants to carry a purse to church
A cold day at the zoo
I've always loved whatever age Ivy's been at, but right now is pretty awesome. I love to see her imagination open up and watch how much she enjoys life.

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