February 17, 2011

Vampire Fever

That's right. We've caught it.
And no, it's not of the Twilight variety.

Ivy's fallen for Count Von Count of Sesame Street.

Lately, when Jared and I (or anyone else) are talking about finances and various other topics, Ivy suddenly breaks out in her Count laugh. We sit there for a minute, thinking back on what we just said, because Ivy listens to everything we say, so we know it must relate. Inevitably, we realize we just said the word account, discount, or even councilor. Is she just listening to every word we're saying waiting for us to mention her vampiric muppet crush? She never even misses a beat.

If the video doesn't show up, click here.

But Ivy's not the only one who's caught the fever. For me, it manifests itself in my desire to listen to Vampire Weekend songs over and over again. I love it when music makes you, or practically forces you, to get up and dance. I just can't resist a good rhythm.

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