December 31, 2011

Gingerbread Fun

On Christmas Eve, we decided to do something that we've been telling Ivy for months that we'd do at Christmas time . . . make a candy house! Thanks to her love for a little Hansel and Gretel book, she talks about candy houses a bit more than the average person. So, inspired by the picture in her book, we went about making a pretty little house.

Jared made the gingerbread dough and rolled it out and cut it. He glued the house together with royal icing that he made as well. Then, we all decorated it--except Maren, poor thing, she just had to watch. We couldn't quite stay true to the book because Ivy just wanted to do her own thing. But her ideas just made it more fun anyway.
Jared made a whole gingerbread family with the leftover dough. Husbands who bake are awesome. Like Peeta from The Hunger Games, only less fictional.

1 comment:

  1. So adorable! Husbands who know how to bake can only be a good thing.


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