March 30, 2010

Ivy's Best Friend

Gift Bag Art

What do you do with all the cute bags and cards you get when you have a baby shower?

Well, here's one option . . .

I used these $5 IKEA frames, nailed on old leftover mat board, and glued the pieces of bags and cards onto the board. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

March 10, 2010

What made me laugh lately

My dear cousin Jen has the wonderful habit of reviewing in her mind whatever made her laugh that day as she's falling asleep at night. If you have the fortune of falling asleep in the same room as her, be prepared for spontaneous laughter. Like Jen, I'm reviewing some things that have made me laugh lately.

*Warning: I have a strange sense of humor.*

My old roommate and great friend Marci was over recently. I was showing her our new iPhoto feature called Faces. You start by tagging a person's face, then it proceeds to find all the other pictures of that person in your photo album. It does pretty well most of the time, but sometimes it brings up some, well, bizarre matches.

This is Marci (in her zebra snuggie, which also makes me laugh):

This is NOT Marci, but Faces thought it was:

I hope Marci has forgiven me for laughing ridiculously hard at this. By the way, the picture is of my brother-in-law Ty in the middle of taking off his elaborate orc makeup from Halloween one year. Here's the full get-up, done by Michelle:

This is my sister-in-law Ashley with my brother Joe:

This is not Ashley. Faces got it wrong once again:

I never would have noticed that face in the original picture. Now it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

My nephew Noah is the cleverest future brain surgeon I know. This little bit of art he did on my computer the other day made me laugh (see full size). He only just turned six years old. In case you can't read it, "Docter-J" is Noah's "growinup name."

Ivy is by far the funniest person in our household. (Sorry, Jared). She's started to do a funny fake laugh. She's also started doing a happy dance, victory dance, or good-taste dance, as we like to call it. Whenever she gets food in her mouth, a toy she wants, or if she's just happy in general, this little wiggle happens. I love it. It never fails to make me laugh. About halfway through the video you can hear her real laugh.

I was trying to remember who the fake laugh sounded like. Then Jared reminded me:

I often laugh at things that happened a long time ago that come to mind for no particular reason. For example . . .

Jen, the aforementioned cousin of mine, received a card from her Relief Society presidency once. Apparently, they decided to give a card to every woman in the ward to pay them a compliment.

Jen's card: "Jen, we really admire what a good person you are. You are the epitome of everyone."
Jen (fuming): "What, so I'm the most average person in the world? Thanks!"

We never got around to telling the sender of the card to look up the definition of epitome. I just hope they haven't given that "compliment" to too many people.

When you are a member of my family, there are too many hilarious memories to name them all, but to get an idea of how great my family is, try reading Michelle's blog post. Ashley's too. They make me laugh on a very regular basis.

These last few things aren't exactly humorous, but they certainly made me happy:

1. We have a new home! We love our little condo. It's much better than our previous apartment. I haven't even seen a single spider here yet. Now THAT makes me happy.

2. I've been planning meals weekly and making dinner regularly for the past six weeks. I know for many people that's not a big deal, but for me, it's an accomplishment. Some of these meals have been quite good too.

3. Ivy finally eats something besides breastmilk. I can give her food and she actually swallows it instead of gagging on it. She takes a sippy cup too, so I feel a little less worried about leaving her with someone else for a couple hours. She's never liked bottles, so she's been very dependent on me for the past 10 months.

4. Jared. I know everyone claims to have the best husband, but I really do. He's the most reliable person on the planet and we have such fun together. He gives me nothing to complain about--honestly.

5. My life in general. It's simple, but I love it.

Now for some Ivy pictures, just because she's cute . . .

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