November 2, 2009

The Past Month

Here's what Ivy's been up to lately:

Getting to know Grandma Campbell
Hanging out with her cousin Felicity

Almost crawling. She pushes up into this position and walks her feet forward, but she doesn't quite have the arm coordination yet.

Playing with her new favorite toys (cups, spoons, and canning rings)

Falling asleep on her own

Jared's been working hard, as always, being a great dad, and playing his bass a lot. He and his band are working on some pretty cool songs right now. He has won Ivy over completely. I swear she gives him bigger smiles than she gives me now. I can only assume that it's because I'm always there and Jared's more of a novelty. Right?

I've been working on getting us into our own home 24/7. We're waiting to hear back from a seller about an offer. There will be more to come on that later . . .
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