August 14, 2009

Lake Shore Safari

Last Saturday, we went to my friend Cindy's exotic animal farm in Lake Shore, which is west of Springville. Steph and Steve came along with their cute kids too. We saw zebras (including a little baby one), a herd of bison, gemsbok, ostriches, emus, a camel, llamas, horses or donkeys that look a lot like this, miniature donkeys, a miniature yak, an enormous wild boar, and some friendly young water buffalo.

My niece just loved the animals. Ivy wasn't old enough to enjoy them yet, but if she's anything like me as a child, she'll be obsessed later.

Photography once again by Stephanie Wells


  1. Those are beautiful pictures as always from Steph.

    Will you take me and my kiddos there sometime before it gets too cold?

    Love ya!

    (super impressed at how well your keeping your blog updated lately)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Next time you go let us know and we can tag along, both my kids would love it :).


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